Our vision, our plans and our personality


A tmosphere is something badly missing in modern cinema, as a compass for mood, Singularity aims to bring back the atmospheric movie.

Focusing on rich cinematography and scores that don't telegraph an audience with events, instead letting the film itself form organically in the filmgoers mind and allowing their imagination to takeover and digest the movie long after it has finished.

Every frame will be a painting and every line of dialogue a paragraph of intent.

We don't create just movies... we create worlds and worlds you would want to exist in for two hours at a time and share with friends. Worlds that resonate with you emotionally and stay with you for days after seeing the film.


E ach of our stories will be movies that last and stand the test of time, films that tell unique and character driven plots with simple stories and complex events.

We create movies that don't play in others backyards but create new mythos of their own and avoid mediocrity and cliche at all costs, our stories are unique, timeless, and always ahead of the game.

Every scene is a character and every character a real person.

We reflect social trends and the stories we tell always have a current and challenging metaphor that can be taken at face value or hidden within to entertain the thinkers and popcorn fans alike and movies that appeal to mass market studios and festivals equally.

Our films speak.


O ur films will vary in genre and story but will always carry with them the same stylistic elements, the same visual tone and the same performance based drive in order to separate our movies from the rest.

Each of our films will always feature several or one main location with the story built around it to give it an intimate, classic story feel and also to help keep budgets and schedules reasonable. These locations will be rich in art design and familiar with it's audience. We also intend to create films with a minimalist cast and for that small cast in it's singular locations to give the films we create the mood of a theatre production. This helps not only draw the audience into the story but helps attractive name actors to work on material that puts them front and centre and their performance paramount. This combined with sustained master shots, compressed dialogue and use of symmetry will make Singularity Pictures stand out as an innovator.

Simple stories with complex events, succinct imagery with deep meaning, nuanced performances with layered tone, rich colors with subtle hues and personal stories with societal reflections.

We are ahead of the rest... we are Singularity Pictures.